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Do You Know those 5 French Words?

Thr expressions  academic study do not prepare you enough to be able to understand a real
 conversation with native French.

1. Ouf:

The world may sound quite strange, if you hear it for the first time. Ouf is one of the most used French verlan. Verlan is a French reverse slang, whose specifics areplaying with syllables and pronouncing words backward toward. Ouf actually means Fou, crazy in English.


Tu es ouf si tu fais ça !

You are crazy, if you do that!

2. Meuf:

The same as above,meuf is another case of verlan. The original word was femme, which turns into meuf.It means a girl and is used especially among young people. For a guy you would say un mec.


J’ai parlé avec la meuf.

I talked with the girl.


Voilà technically refers to things that are farther away but can also indicate, when something is done, in place or to point out that something has just arrived. French speakers say quite a lot, it can be translated to here it is.


Voilà ! Je pensais l’avoir perdu !

Here it is! I thought I lost it!


Me voilà !

Here I am!


Trop can be translated to too, like it’s too soon, but in spoken French it means very, a lot. The word makes emphasis on the adjective. You will often smile when you will hear them saying:

C’est troooop beau !

It’s very beautiful!

Or when to say something is cute.

C’est troooop mignon !

It’s so cute!


Quite overused by many French peoplebref is use to make a long story short. It can in some cases be translated to anyway.

Example :

Bref je dois partir !

Anyway I have to go!

J’ai eu quelque problème quand je suis allé là-bas… bref je peux plus y aller.

I had some problems when I went there, in short, I can’t go there anymore.

One more!


Putain may be one of the most used and popular French words. It has many different meanings according to the context.
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- Mme Jeena jazeb

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Vocabulary pertaining to laundry: 

Faire la lessive – to do the laundry

Un pressing, un teinturier, une blanchisserie – dry cleaning

Une laverie libre-service, une laverie automatique
       – laundromat

De la lessive – laundry detergent

De l’assouplissant – fabric softener

Le séchoir – the dryer

Une machine à laver
          – washing machine

Le pliage – folding

Le repassage – ironing

-Madame Antoinette moses