Monday, March 2, 2015

Student doubt:

Opposites of:
1.Bien sûr * non plus
2. Glissant* sec (dry)

Important Grammar Exercises as for me :

List ONE 
Pg21 ex 6,7
Pg22 ex 10,11
Pg34 ex 2,4
Pg36 ex8
Pg50 ex 1,3
Pg51 ex 6,8
Pg63 ex 1,4,5,7
Pg74 ex 2,3,5,6
Pg87 ex 1,2,3,4
Pg99 ex 2,3
Pg100 ex 5
Pg112 ex 1,2,3,4,6.

List TWO:
Pg21-ex 8,9
Pg34-ex 1,5
Pg50-ex 4,9,10
Pg63-ex 2,3,6
Pg75-ex 7
Pg100-ex 4,6
Pg114-ex 7

Question paper workout BOOK 1:

First finish this ! This has JUST 30 q.papers

Question paper workout BOOK 2:

Second workout q.papers from this. This has JUST 24 q.papers !!!

Question paper workout BOOK 3:

Atlast Workout q.papers from this!

THOMZ French I Revision plan:

French I Revision plan :

1)STUDY lesson translations frm French to English.
2)WRITE & PRACTICE those lesson translations frm English to French..
3)STUDY the Lesson opposites from Rainbow guide (note: when u study opposites,study all the opp together).
4) STUDY Ques&Ans frm the printout sheets given to u by THOMZ Sir.
5) WRITE & PRACTICE those Ques&Ans...
6) GO THRU d Last Year French test papers/photocopies of Q.papers given by me for IMP QUES.. 
7) WORK OUT the Model Q paper frm Rainbow Guide  if done then start from Q &A paper no. 11,12,13,14 &15..
8) Work out Ques.papers frm BHARATHAM PUBLICATIONS (by Author Chandrasekaran) and then from Ayyanaar's +2 French

THOMZ French II Revision plan :

French I Revision plan :
1) WORKOUT Grammar Exercises in this order Lesson 6,5,8,7,4,1,3,2.
Note : While doing Grammar ex identify the infinitif of the conjugated verb.
2) STUDY the TRANSLATION from English to French to write a better Dialogue and Letter.
3) WRITE & PRACTICE  and be thorough with the Dialogue & Letter format which is going to be send by me.
4) For Match the Foll GO THROUGH the Grammar RULES eg. Si +Present+futur/Imperatif etc
5) WORKOUT model ques papers behind RAINBOW GUIDE.
6) WORKOUT ques papers in descending order 10,9,8,7 etc ...1 and then come to paper no.11,12,13,14,15 from Rainbow Q&A book.
7) WORK OUT the ques papers which i m sending through BLOG/WhatsApp.


Qui est gita ? Or Qui est Akash?
Gita est la femme d'akash
Akash est le mari de Gita.

What happens on the foll days

Lundi-L'accident a eu (LA semaine commence bien)

Jeudi-Les amis vont au cinema.

Vendredi-Dinesh a un examen important.

Samedi-Kumar ira au club.

Dimanche-On visite la maison ancestrale.

Les jours de la semaine (the days of the Week):

Lundi- MON (the week starts)
Mardi- TUE
Mercredi- WED
Jeudi- THU
Vendredi- FRI
Samedi- SAT