Friday, April 22, 2016


Les expressions de temps(Expressions pertaining to weather)

Il fait beau
A beautiful climate

Il fait mauvais
The climate is bad

Il fait chaud 
It is hot

Il fait froid 
It is cold

It fait frais
It is chilly

Il fait du vent
It is windy

Il fait du soleil
It is sunny

Il fait gris
It is grey

Il pleut
It is raining

Il neige
It is snowing 

Il gèle 
It is freezing 

Il fait nugueux 
It is cloudy

Il y a de l'orage 
It is stormy

Il fait du brouillard 
It is foggy

Saturday, March 5, 2016



Info 9 :

THoMZ EdU InS Dialogue format :

                  X: Pierre
                  Y: Vincent

X : Salut Y , Comment ça va ?
Y: Salut X , Ça va bien et toi ?

X: Ça va très bien, tu as bien passé tes vacances ? (Ln-1) /

Comment être en forme ? (Ln-2) /

As-tu visité ta maison ancestrale?(L3)

As-tu regardé le film Tintin ? (Ln-4) /

As-tu vu un accident ce matin?(Ln-5)/

Sais-tu si la météo a annoncé un cyclone ? (Ln-6) /

Y a-t-il une grève générale aujourd'hui ? (Ln-7) /

Est-ce que tu sais le système educatif est diffèrent en France ? (Ln-8 ).

Y: Oui/ Quoi / Non / Non plus / Vraiment / Si / Peut-être etc

YOU HAVE TO WRITE Atleast 7 sets , 8 sets for a Good Dialogue.

And conclude like this 

X : D'accord c'est l'heure À bientôt.
Y : Au revoir . À demain.

Translation for Dialogue Format :

X: Peter
Y: Vincent 

X: Hi Y, How are you ?
Y: Hi X , I'm fine, how abt you ?

X: I'm very fine/grt . Have you spent your Vacation well ? (Ln-1) /

How to be in Fit/in form ? (Ln-2) /

Have you visited your Ancestrale house ?(L3)

Have you watched Tintin ? (Ln-4) /

Did you saw an accident this morning ?(Ln-5)/

Do you know whether the News Bulletin has annonced a Cyclone? (Ln-6) /

Is there a General Strike today? (Ln-7) /

Is it that you know the Education System is different in France? (Ln-8 ).

Y: Yes/ What/ No / Not much / Really / Of course/ May be etc

YOU HAVE TO WRITE Atleast 7 sets , 8 sets for a Good Dialogue.

And conclude like this 

X : Ok its time up, see you soon.
Y : Bye , see you tomorrow.


Info 8 :

Letter Format
                               Le 7 Mars 2016,
                               Chennai- 600 001
Cher ami,
                Comment vas-tu ? J'éspère que tu vas bien, je vais très bien ici. Quel temps fait-il là? Il fait beau ici. Tes parents comment vont-ils? Les autres comment vont-ils? Dans cette lettre j'aime te décrire sur.......

Write atleast 10 to 12 lines excluding the previous lines.

Mes amities à tes parents
(convey my regards to ur parents)

                                    (yours friendly)
                               Ton amicalement,

Address on the envelope

    Pierre Cardin,
No.8 La rue de Mont Blanc,
Pondicherry- 515 414

Translation for Letter Format :

                                Le 7 Mars 2016,
                               Chennai- 600 001
Dear friend,
                How are you ? I hope that you are fine and i'm very fine here. How is the climate there ? It is good here. How are your parents ? How are the others ? In this letter i like to describe you about......

Write atleast 10 to 12 lines excluding the previous lines.

Convey my regards to your parents

                                    Yours friendly,

Address on the envelope

    Peter Cardin,
No.8 White Mountain road,
Pondicherry- 515 414

Friday, March 4, 2016

Revision plan for FRENCH II

Info 7:

Revision plan for French II

1) WORKOUT the important GRAMMAR EXERCISES which i sent you.

2) WORKOUT the remaining Grammar Exercises in this order Lesson 6,5,8,7,4,1,3,2.
Note : While doing Grammar ex identify the infinitif of the conjugated verb.

3) STUDY the TRANSLATION from English to French to write a better Dialogue and Letter.

4) WRITE & PRACTICE  and be thorough with the Dialogue & Letter format which i will be sending you shortly.

5) For Match the Foll GO THROUGH the Grammar RULES eg. Si +Present+futur/Imperatif etc

6) WORKOUT model ques papers behind RAINBOW GUIDE.

7) WORKOUT ques papers in descending order from Rainbow Q&A book.

8 ) Work out Ques.papers frm BHARATHAM PUBLICATIONS (by Author Chandrasekaran) and then from Ayyanaar's +2 French

9) WORK OUT the ques papers which i m sending through BLOG/WhatsApp.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Info 6:

Thomz 8 tips for better marks:
Beware :
1) Students pls do not discuss your 1mark ans with your friends to write the wrong answer. Write what YOU know, only YOU are the best.In exams students wantedly tell wrong answers & make you fool,beware of that. Pls go thru your answers atleast 20times so tat u can save atleast 10mrks.Underline d answers.Make the examiner feel more comfortable during Evaluation/Correction by ur presentation.

2) Present your Paper Clean  & tidy, no over writings, to avoid that WRITE ROUGH DRAFT for RÉDACTION(essay) check it thrice,correct your mistakes with pencil & then WRITE FAIR DRAFT so that u make the Teacher who corrects the paper feel more comfortable to correct..

3) Students to get good marks in RÉDACTION(essay) you can Draw DIAGRAM related to that topic and dont forget to use PUNCTUATIONS. Both carries mark.

4) Students DO NOT USE glitter pens or highlighter, use only blue & black pen and use pencil to underline the answers. Dont take risk,always be on the safer side.

5) CHECK the answers YOURSELF at least 30times so that you can save some 5 to 10 marks.

6) Do not discuss grammar answer with your frds to write the wrong answers,write what you know only YOU are the best.

7) Follow my method of PAPER PRESENTATION.


xxxxxBONNE CHANCExxxxxx


Lesson 7th and 8th LAST MINUTE REVISION

Here comes the LAST MINUTE REVISION for French I FOR LESSON 1 and 2